Innovation and Design is the product design company of Paul Brown. Paul is a highly experienced industrial designer who has successfully created a vast array of products in many industry sectors for major brands. He has worked as an in-house designer, for leading consultancies and also runs his own design, manufacturing, import/export business, so has thorough experience of the requirements of different business models. Paul works with Williams Engineering Design in Cambridge for mechanical engineering and 3D CAD services, offering both PRO-E and Solidworks.

Paul has designed many products including surgical equipment, medical devices, laboratory instruments, sensing systems, kitchen appliances, power tools, baby equipment, touch-screen kiosks, ink-jet printers, smart phones and wireless card payment terminals. His particular design interests lie in strategic product innovation, smart configurations, practical mechanical and technological solutions, ergonomics and class leading aesthetics.


Below is a selection of Paul Brown's industrial design work including projects from Innovation and Design plus his previous design consultancy, Magnetic Design and from earlier employment at Cambridge Consultants Limited, Black & Decker and Cambridge Industrial Design.