Bibetta expands distribution network internationally

Bibetta Limited, a spin-out company of Innovation and Design, is currently expanding globally after agreeing contracts with several international distributors. This ties in with the planned growth of their product range into other high value, innovative and functional products.

Toaster technology licenced to major appliances brand

I&D has licenced the unique toaster sensor technology to a major domestic goods manufacturer who is currently developing and evaluating the product with a view to international launch.

Innovative bin system looking for investors

I&D is about to start meeting manufacturers for its innovative, quick-clean, waste bin system. The bin uses several, existing large components to dramatically reduce investment costs, enabling an optimized ROI and is a fresh concept in an otherwise slow moving sector.

Ergonomic computer mouse design in discussion with investors

Following the recent design registration and IP protection of the Ergo Mouse concept I&D has started discussions with an interested manufacturer who is looking to productionize the exciting product. The design offers potentially significant market differentiation, excellent ROI and truly exceptional ergonomic advantages to consumers over conventional PC mice.

Paul publishes first e-book- 'Universal Parasite'

Paul Michael Brown has written and published a science fiction story titled 'Universal Parasite'. The short story book is available on Amazon.


It asks the question of what man would do if the planet's raw energy reserves, that man has taken for granted whilst building his modern world, were wiped out in just a matter of weeks. What do you do when you have no weapons capable enough to kill the beast that has created this nightmare? Will man risk the world to save the world?