Below is a selection of Paul's IP protected innovations which he is looking to develop with partner investors and manufacturers into desirable and successful products. Please contact I&D for more details about these opportunities.

Ergonomic, Anti-RSI Computer Mouse

I&D has created an ergonomic computer mouse to combat the problems associated with most computer mice of shoulder, arm and wrist muscle pain from poor hand and arm positioning when controlling the device. The design is unique to the market and surpasses the ergo-alternatives already on the market through identifying the link between the body's control mechanism and the realistic computer usage patterns.

Perfect Toaster- Ionizing Sensor Technology

The Ionizing Particle Sensing Toaster is a non-burn toaster which gives perfect toast every time, no matter what type of bread is inserted, by changing the timing automatically by measuring the brownness of the toast in real time.


It uses a standard toaster which uses an ionizing particle detector as a sensing device to monitor, or ‘smell’, the state of the toasting process, popping the toast up safely and perfectly brown everytime, (thus eliminating over-cooked, burnt or smoking toast forever). The technology is patented by Paul Brown and is available to manufacture under licence. It is in desperate demand by most hospitals, care homes, hotels and the fire service to bring a stop to unwanted, toaster triggered, false fire alarms.


How it works: The toaster ‘smells’ the toast by detecting air-borne caramelized sugar particles, given off when the toast is becoming light brown, and then safely switches off the heating elements before any smoking occurs. Airborne particles are sucked off the toast by a fan, down a sampling tube and blown over a particle sensor which measures the state of the toast. The ionization particle sensing toaster adjusts the toasting time automatically based on readings of particle emissions from the toast monitored throughout the cooking process, popping it up when correctly cooked. It is impossible to burn the toast with this system. In summary, it gives truly automatic time adjustment resulting in ‘perfect toast everytime’.

All-In-One Bin System

I&D is working with an inventor to productionize a clever, new, all-in-one bin system which enables an easier  and more convenient cleaning method, better ergonomics and time saving, an important factor in retail and service industries such as hairdressers and resturants.

Energy Saving Water Heater System

I&D is working on a concept for a simple but potentially important energy saving, water heater system which uses proven and off the shelf technology for low cost and low risk development. The savings in energy and cost to the customer and environment could be significant.

Ultra-Low Cost, High Value Child's Game

This concept has everything a toy needs to be; very low cost, appealing to both gendres and all ages, allows more interaction, fun and creativity than most cheap toys, is environmentally friendly and is a design that is adaptable almost infinately, enabling a strong, long-term business opportunity for the investor.