Paul Brown

Innovation and Design is the product design company and ideas platform of Paul Brown.

Paul has created many innovative products for major brands throughout his career, with almost all his products successfully selling on the market. He has wide experience and aptitude to work on virtually any product type. He has worked on products ranging from in-heart surgical equipment for Thermocore to diesel engines for Caterpillar and smart phones for Nokia plus other surgical equipment, medical devices, laboratory instruments, sensing systems, kitchen appliances, power tools, baby equipment, touch-screen kiosks, ink-jet printers, smart phones and wireless card payment terminals.


He has now has expanded into designing and manufacturing some of his own unique products under the Bibetta brand and is looking to spin off several other new ideas to partner manufacturers in 2012. Paul’s wide breadth of knowledge combined with his present ideas generation, manufacturing and distribution activities differentiates Innovation and Design from other design consultancies and makes his design expertise particularly noteworthy and valuable to manufacturers and investors.


His particular design interests lie in strategic product innovation, smart configurations, practical mechanical and technological solutions, ergonomics and class leading aesthetics. He is also involved in more diverse areas such as packaging design, fabric print design, clothing design and automotive styling consultancy.


He has gained experience from careers with Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL), working typically in multi-disciplinary teams on complex, highly technical, new technology projects, Black & Decker as an in-house designer producing a range of power sanders, drills, grass trimmers and other power tools and Cambridge Industrial Design, typically designing hi-fi separates, laboratory and telecoms equipment.


Paul was trained at Leicester Polytechnic gaining a BA (Hons) Industrial Design (Engineering) Degree and prior to that at Worcester Victoria Institute where he gained a DATEC Art & Design Diploma.

The company works in three ways:

  • Product innovation and design plus design advice and product development services.
  • Licensing of Paul Brown's intellectual property to manufacturers and investors.
  • Design, development, manufacturing and distribution of own designed products.

Product design:

Paul's skills include product innovation and improvement, design conceptualizing, product configuration solutions, costing analysis, styling, brand elevation, technical brainstorming, model making, packaging, graphics, quality control, mechanical design and entire development through to production and launch follow through.


Working with local Cambridge partners this is often expanded to detailed mechanical engineering, 3D-CAD solid modelling of all mouldings, PCBs and components and technology development. The manufacturing, packaging and warehousing optimization opportunities are integrated into the design solutions and marketing options considered to most successfully get the product to the end customer.


Licensing of IP:

Paul has created valuable intellectual property relating to several exciting, new product ideas and is willing to discuss with relevant investors about converting these into commercial successes. Please see the IP opportunities page for more details about Paul’s patents, design registrations and copyright opportunities.


Spin-offs and Manufacturing:

Paul Brown is the founder of Bibetta Limited, a leading brand in the baby and healthcare accessories markets. The company was founded in 2004 and built on the creation of Paul's innovative, patented, neoprene baby bib which offers superior comfort, performance and durability over other baby bibs on the market.


Bibetta's product range has now grown into an attractive selection of funky and highly practical bibs, bags, mats and cups. Bibetta's clothing protectors for the elderly and less-abled adults are similarly made of advanced performance fabrics and offer unique, class leading designs which address the currrent ‘design for dignity’ campaign active in the care sector and the NHS.


Bibetta’s innovative, neoprene, baby bibs have won eight industry awards for good design. The bibs are sold in Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Boots and Waitrose UK supermarkets and are widely recognized as the best all-round feeding bibs on the market worldwide.


Bibetta is currently growing its distribution network across Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia.